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The history of lullabies has been gleaning for more than thousands of years. We may consider them as a part of folk art. They're universal and unique at the same time. Ancient lullabies for babies show people cultures around the world. Often bedtime songs use unique folk instruments and voices. Listen to the World lullabies online on our website along with your baby and expand the horizons of your world knowledge. During listening to the cradle songs in different languages, the child's way of thinking develops faster. You may also watch The world lullabies videos and cartoons and download baby lullabies from our site.

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Makochi pitentsin,
Manokoxteka pitelontsin,
Makochi kochi noxokoyo.
Manokochteka noxokoyotsin,
Manonokochteka nopitelontsin,
Makochi kochi, pitentsin.
Manokochteka pitelontsin,
Manokochteka noxokoyotsin
Makochi kochi pitelontsin.
Xikiyehua in xochitl,
Xikiyehua ipan moyojlo
Pampa nimitstlasotla,
Pampa nimitstlasotla
Ika nochi noyojlo.

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