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Armenian lullabies for babies are an important part of Armenian folk-life culture. They separate lullabies on boys' and girls' bedtime songs as soon as a boy's considered as a future bearer and supporter of the family and a girl's is a future family hearth keeper.This separation is one of the unique features of Armenian lullabies, that show life and culture of the ancient people, its history and the Bible scenes as well. Melodious and drawling cradle songs calm quickly even most naughty babies. Listen to Armenian songs to go to sleep on our website along with your baby. Download bedtime songs for babies for free from our website.

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Im poqrik navak
Ruben Haxverdyan

Patrastets’ p’vok’rik tghan

Mi chermak t’ght’ye navak,
Ijets’rets’ navaky na
Getaki alik’neri vra.

Im p’vok’rik navak,
Im p’vok’rik navak,
Khasnes, ardyok’,
Tsovin kaputak.

Im p’vok’rik, p’vok’rik navak,
Ur yes du, ur yes loghum,
Ur yen k’yez, ur yen tanum
Geti alik’nery khelagar.

Im p’vok’rik navak,
Im p’vok’rik navak,
Khasnes ardyok’
Tsovin kaputak.

Aregakn anhetats’av,
Amperi yetevn ants’av,
Yerknk’its’ andzrev t’ap’vets’,
Vow p’vok’rik getaky vararets’.

Im p’vok’rik navak,
Im p’vok’rik navak,
Du hasar ardyok’
Tsovin kaputak.

T’ye chanaparhin
Khortakets’ k’amin
Yev du k’nets’ir
Geti hatakin.

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