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Melodic sounds of the violin improve blood circulation, give a sense of ease and provide self-knowledge. Perhaps that is why the English novelist Arthur Conan Doyle awarded his favorite hero Sherlock Holmes with the ability to play this instrument. The violin has an incredibly expressive sound, it can convey any emotion. Calm classical compositions with violin solo will become wonderful lullabies for your baby. Listen to lullaby music along with your baby online or download your favorite bedtime songs for babies free on our website.

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My sweet little darling, my comfort and joy,
Sing lullaby lulla.
In beauty surpassing the Princes of Troy.
Sing lullaby lulla.
Now hush, child, now sleep, child, thy mother's sweet boy.
Sing lullaby lulla.
The gods bless and keep thee from cruel annoy.
Sing lullaby lulla.
Sweet baby, lulla lulla, sweet baby, lullaby, lulla.

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