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Finnish lullabies were born on the edge of Scandinavian, Karelian and Baltic cultures. As a result, their bedtime songs became very beautiful charming melodies filled with mythological natural figures. Enjoy listening to Finnish cradle songs for babies on our site. Download the best nursery lullabies on our website.

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Nuku nuku nurmilintu
Finnish lullaby

Nuku, nuku, nurmilintu
Väsy, väsy västäräkki.
Nuku, kun mie nukutan,
Väsy, kun mie väsytän.

Nukuta, jumala, lasta.
Makauta, mariainen.
Kuro kiisan silmät kiinni
Anna unta aamuun asti
Kuro kiisan silmät kiinni
Anna unta aamuun asti

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