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In the soft sway of a mother's arms a baby can be rocked to sleep in a matter of minutes — add a Mexican lullaby and the child will be in the dreamland in seconds. Listen and sing authentic Mexican bedtime songs on our site and enjoy them along with your child. You can also download the best Mexican lullabies absolutely free.

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Makochi pitentsin,
Manokoxteka pitelontsin,
Makochi kochi noxokoyo.
Manokochteka noxokoyotsin,
Manonokochteka nopitelontsin,
Makochi kochi, pitentsin.
Manokochteka pitelontsin,
Manokochteka noxokoyotsin
Makochi kochi pitelontsin.
Xikiyehua in xochitl,
Xikiyehua ipan moyojlo
Pampa nimitstlasotla,
Pampa nimitstlasotla
Ika nochi noyojlo.

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