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The harp sounds from olden times have been associated with something magical and unexplored. Perhaps, this is the most fabulous musical instrument for bedtime. Classical compositions with harp can be used as lullabies for babies. The charming sounds of strings soothe the mind and provide a long, healthy sleep. Magic lullabies to the sounds of Celtic harp will introduce you and your baby to the heroes of Irish legends, beautiful fairies and mysterious banshees. You can listen to nursery lullabies for free online or download them from our website.

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October Winds (The Castle of Dromore)
Margie Butler

The October winds lament
Around the Castle of Dromore,
Yet peace is in its lofty halls,
My loving treasure store.
Though autumn leaves may droop and die
A bud of spring are you.
Sing hush-a-bye loo, la loo, lo lan,
Sing hush-a-bye loo, la lo.

Bring no ill winds to hinder us,
My helpless babe and me,
Dread spirit of Blackwater banks,
Clan Owen's wild banshee.
And Holy Mary pitying us
In heav'n for grace doth sue.
Sing hush-a-bye loo, la loo, lo lan,
Sing hush-a-bye loo, la lo.

Take time to thrive, my rose of hope,
In the garden of Dromore.
Take heed, young eagle, till your wings
Are feathered fit to soar.
A little rest and then the world
Is full of work to do
Sing hush-a-bye loo, la loo, lo lan,
Sing hush-a-bye loo, la lo.

Castle Of Dromore
Brigit Well

The October winds lament 
around the castle of Dromore 
Yet peace is in her lofty halls 
My loving treasure store 

Though Autumn leaves may droop and die 
a bud of spring are you sing hush-a-by 
loo,la-lo,la lan 
sing hush-a-by loo la lo 

Bring no ill will to hinder us 
my helpless babe and me dread spirits 
of the blackwater clan owen's wild banshee 
and Holy Mary pitying us in Heaven 
for grace doth sue sing hush-a-by 
loo,la-lo,la lan sing hush-a-by loo la lo 

Take time to thrive my ray of hope 
in the garden of Dromore 
Take heed young eaglet 
till thy wings are feathered fit to soar 
a little rest and then the world 
is full of work to do 
sing hush-a-by loo,
la-lo,la lan sing hush-a-by loo la lo

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