Harp lullabies Christian of England, Scotland and Wales listen online

The harp sounds from olden times have been associated with something magical and unexplored. Perhaps, this is the most fabulous musical instrument for bedtime. Classical compositions with harp can be used as lullabies for babies. The charming sounds of strings soothe the mind and provide a long, healthy sleep. Magic lullabies to the sounds of Celtic harp will introduce you and your baby to the heroes of Irish legends, beautiful fairies and mysterious banshees. You can listen to nursery lullabies for free online or download them from our website.

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Oikan Ayns Bethlehem
eMMa Christian
Nish lhisagh shin yn feailley shoh
Y reayll lesh creeaghyn glen
Ayns cooinaghtyn jeh Yeesey Chreest
Oikan ayns Bethlehem

Daag Eh cooyrtn sollys E Ayr
Goaill er yn dooghys ain
Ruggit jeh Moidyn ghlen gyn chron
Oikan ayns Bethlehem

Eisht ainleyn Niau ren boggey ghoaill
Haink lesh ny naightyn hooin
Ginsh jeh Saualtagh ruggiy jiu
Oikan ayns Bethlehem

Nagh mooar yn insblid as y ghraih
V'ayns Yeesey Chreest yn Eayn
Tra ghow Eh er cummey Harvaant
Oikan ayns Bethlehem

Ard gloyr da Jee 'syn yrjid heose
Ta reill ayns maynrys beayn
Aigney mie Yee nish soilhit dooin
Oikan ayns Bethlehem
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