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The Brahms` lullaby is one of the most famous and favorite cradle songs in the world, used by countless parents to sing their babies to sleep. Brahms Lullaby was written in the 1800's as a gift for Mr. Brahms' friend, Bertha Faber, when she had her second child. This bedtime music is one of the best to calm babies or lull little kids to sleepThere are many versions and verses for the Brahms` lullaby and we've collected the most famous ones. Listen to Brahms` lullaby along with your child and download it and other nursery songs on our website.

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Brahms Lullaby

Lullaby, and good night
In the sky stars are bright
Close your eyes, start to yawn
Pleasant dreams until the dawn

Close your eyes now and rest
Lay your head on my breast
Go to sleep now and rest
May your slumber be blessed

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