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Moms have been singing for their babies for ages. Lullabies performed by a woman voice calm the child down and make him or her feel protected and cozy. This collection of soothing bedtime songs by female voice will let your baby sleep tight. Listen and download the cradle songs for babies on our site and enjoy your time along with your child.

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Makochi pitentsin,
Manokoxteka pitelontsin,
Makochi kochi noxokoyo.
Manokochteka noxokoyotsin,
Manonokochteka nopitelontsin,
Makochi kochi, pitentsin.
Manokochteka pitelontsin,
Manokochteka noxokoyotsin
Makochi kochi pitelontsin.
Xikiyehua in xochitl,
Xikiyehua ipan moyojlo
Pampa nimitstlasotla,
Pampa nimitstlasotla
Ika nochi noyojlo.

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