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Traditional lullabies used to be sung a Capella, when there was only voice (voices) without music. It makes the bedtime songs sound just like mother's songs. They are soothing and calm, with tender tones and beautiful sounding. Listen online and download baby lullabies, along with your child on our website

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Ari Im Soxak

Ari, im sokhak, tvogh partez merin,
Tagherov kun ber tyghis achyerin.
Bayts na lalis e .- du sokhak, mi gal,
Im vordin ch’uze tiratsu daonal.

Yek, abeghadzag, tvogh art u arot,
Orore tghis, kyni e karot.
Bayts’ na lalis e .- tatrakik, mi gal,
Im vordin ch’uze abegha darrnal.

Tvogh du tatrakik, kvo dzagn u buny
Vuvuov tghis ber anush k’uny.
Bayts’ na lalis e - tat.

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