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Girls and boys see the world around different ways. They play different toys, choose different games, so they might love different bedtime songs as well. In ancient lullabies we often can notice this kind of distinction. Mothers used to sing their baby-girls the cradle songs about little princesses or fairies, but also they sang about the woman's life and family values. Listen to our collections of lullabies for babies along with your little princess on our site, you can also download the songs to go to sleep on your laptop or phone. 

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Jackie Oates

Spotted snakes with double tongue,
Thorny hedgehogs, be not seen
Newts and blind-worms, do no wrong,
Come not near our fairy queen.
Lulla, lulla, lullaby, lulla, lulla, lullaby:
Weaving spiders, come not here;
Hence, you long-legg'd spinners, hence!
Beetles black, approach not near;
Worm nor snail, do no offence.
Philomel, with melody
Sing in our sweet lullaby
Never harm,
Nor spell nor charm,
Come our lovely lady nigh;
So, good night, with lullaby.

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